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Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. Featured in Video Series Promoting Washington-Based Companies Who Are Creating Business Through Foreign Exports

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Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc., a leading exporter of Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Hay was recently selected as one of a handful of companies to be featured in a video series released by the State of Washington. Created to highlight organizations who are stimulating the local economy through foreign export, Anderson Hay is privileged to be featured in the series.

(PRWEB) [DATE] —Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc., a leading U.S. based exporter of hay and straw products, is proudly featured in ‘Export Washington,’ a video series designed to promote companies who are stimulating the economy through foreign export. As a local, family owned company, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. is honored to help raise awareness about the far-reaching benefits of trading in foreign markets.

Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. is a top producing, third generation, company specializing in hay export. With a primary focus on producing and exporting Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay and Grass Straw products; Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. is widely recognized as a fast growing, Washington based company. Headquartered in Ellensburg, Washington; Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. works with a network of family owned farms throughout the Western United States to produce the highest quality Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Grass Straw, Horse Hay and Cattle Hay on the market. The Anderson family attributes their great success to the remarkable grower base they have developed from the time they first opened their doors in 1960.

According to the World Institute for Strategic Economic Research, exports of Washington-made goods jumped to a record $64.6 billion in 2011, an increase of 21%. The state is the largest U.S. exporter on a per capita basis; with approximately four percent of Washington companies exporting, compared to a national average of one percent. In fact, one in three jobs Washington State is tied to trade, either directly or indirectly.

“This is truly welcome news for our state,” said Gov. Chris Gregoire. “The global marketplace continues to recognize the outstanding quality and value of products and services from Washington State. We will continue to build the strong relationships with trading partners overseas that further expand opportunities for our businesses.”

Setting ambitious goals to further increase the number of local companies exporting goods, Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire launched the Washington Export Initiative in June, 2011. The project is designed to celebrate the success of Washington-based companies who are creating jobs through domestic and foreign trade. A video series entitled ‘Export Success Stories’ is an integral part of the initiative. Each of the two-minute stories profiles a different Washington exporting company. Each profile features commentary from employees and stakeholders as well as “rules of the road;” advice on the best way to capitalize on export opportunities.

The video featuring Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. includes an inside look at everything from the dispatch office to warehouse operations, as well as an interview with CEO Mark Anderson. The entire Anderson Hay family was eager to participate in the project and share insights with the production team.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to help promote the Washington Export Initiative, a cause that is very close to the heart of our company,” said Mark Anderson, CEO and president of Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. “We hope the video series will remind local business owners of the great opportunity for economic growth through foreign exports and we’re honored to be featured among such a prestigious group of Washington-based organizations.”

With plans for expansion into more markets, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. hopes to continue to play a role in the growth of the local and national economy for generations to come. The thriving company is committed to strengthening the global agricultural industry through superior customer service and top quality forage products. To learn more about Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. visit them online at http://www.anderson-hay.com or call 509-925-9818.

About Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc.
Founded by father and son Clarence and Ron Anderson in 1960, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. has remained a family owned operation for more than 50 years. A leading provider of hay and straw products, including Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Grass Straw, Cattle Hay and Horse Hay; Anderson is recognized as a top producer in the hay export industry. Headquartered in Ellensburg, Washington, Anderson has a presence throughout the Western United States, maintaining several facilities and working with a network of family owned farms throughout the region. A company built on family values, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. recognizes that the foundation of their business lies within their longstanding relationships with customers, growers, suppliers and employees. Visit http://www.anderson-hay.com to learn more.

About Commerce

Commerce is the lead state agency charged with enhancing and promoting sustainable community and economic vitality in Washington. The driving force behind the ‘Export Washington’ campaign, Commerce is taking strides to stimulate the local economy and support job growth statewide. For more information visit www.commerce.wa.gov or call 360 725 2674.

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