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Timothy and Grass Hay Needs for Small Pets
Nutritional Needs of Small Herbivores Guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits are small herbivores, or plant-eating…
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Which Cutting of Timothy Hay is Better for Horses?
Timothy hay is an excellent source of fiber and roughage to include in your horse’s diet.…
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Forage Nutrition 101: How Phosphorus Impacts Hay Quality
Hay Quality for Horses & Livestock In the agriculture industry, the quality of forage for…
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Where Does Timothy Hay Grow
Where Does Timothy Hay Grow?
Timothy hay (phleum pratense) also known as meadow cat’s-tail, is a perennial grass hay used…
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Acid Detergent Fiber & Neutral Detergent Fiber
Forage Nutrition 101: Acid Detergent Fiber & Neutral Detergent Fiber
Success in the agriculture industry starts with the quality of your forages. They need to…
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Flakes of hay: How much to feed your horse?
How Do Horses Digestion Systems Work? Horses are non-ruminant herbivores, meaning they have a single…
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Forage Nutrition
Forage Nutrition 101: Nitrates
Quality forages are vital to the livestock industry, as only the top quality options provide…
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Quality of hay affects health and performance of horses
All horse owners share a common decision that directly affects the health, performance and well-being…
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Composting for your Horse’s Health
Key Factors for a Successful Compost Pile Composting horse manure is beneficial to your horse’s…
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