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Which Cutting of Timothy Hay is Better for Horses?
Timothy hay is an excellent source of fiber and roughage to include in your horse’s diet.…
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Dubai World Cup
Dubai World Cup 2018
Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in Dubai, and the Dubai World…
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Grass Clippings Unsafe for Horses, Stick to Pasture and Hay
  Resist the Urge to Feed Lawn Clippings to Horses Ah…spring! The weather is getting…
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Composting for your Horse’s Health
Key Factors for a Successful Compost Pile Composting horse manure is beneficial to your horse’s…
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Alfalfa is an Ideal Hay for Horses
Don’t Believe the Myths – Alfalfa is an Ideal Hay for Horses Alfalfa hay is…
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Horses Need More Hay in Cold Weather
Horses Require Additional Energy in Winter Cold temperatures, rain, wind, and snow….no doubt about it…winter…
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Steamed Hay for Horses
Does Steaming Make Hay Healthier and Safer for Horses? Soaking hay in water for 30…
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Does Vitamin E Help Keep Aging Horses Healthy?
Vitamin E Supplementation May Improve Immune Response in Older Horses Horses are living longer than…
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Moving Horses from Hay to Fresh Forage Can Pose Some Risks
Is There Danger Lurking for Horses in Lush Spring Pastures? Did you know that those…
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