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For racehorses, fiber is a good cornerstone for any feeding program. Fiber from Timothy hay can be fermented in the gut and used as an energy source throughout the day. It also protects good digestion and prevents conditions like gastric ulcers and colic. Most racehorses require more energy than Timothy hay provides, so usually their diet is supplemented with a percentage of Alfalfa mix.

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What We Offer

Anderson Hay Company is a leading supplier of high-quality Timothy hay for horses, sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Timothy hay is known for its high fiber and low protein content, making it an ideal choice for promoting healthy digestion and weight management in horses. Anderson Hay Company offers compressed bales, loose hay, and pellets, all carefully processed to retain nutrients and ensure top-notch quality. Horse owners can trust Anderson Hay Company to provide their horses with nutritious and healthy Timothy hay.

Production Practices

At Anderson Hay Company, producing top-quality export hay is our top priority. We begin with clean fields, expertly harvested by the most experienced producers in the region, resulting in a premium product that is perfect for export. Our vendors and growers take great pride in their industry and operate with the highest level of knowledge and expertise in production practices for hay and straw products, ensuring that our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of Anderson Hay Company.

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Commitment to Quality

At Anderson Hay, quality always comes first. Through our competitive standards and practices, we ensure farmers are getting the best product possible to meet their forage needs.

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