Dairy Cattle

Anderson Hay is the leading provider of high quality alfalfa hay, grown and foraged specifically for dairy cows.

Culture of Excellence

What We Offer

At Anderson Hay Company, we understand the importance of Timothy hay as a key ingredient in an overall feed program for dairy cattle due to its high fiber and energy content, along with its relatively low protein content, which promotes the overall health and conditioning of the cow. We recommend combining Timothy with other higher protein ingredients, such as our high-quality Alfalfa hay, to balance the cow’s energy and protein needs. Our Alfalfa hay is widely known as the highest-quality forage, and we harvest it at an early growth stage to ensure maximum protein and lower fiber content, providing optimal nutrition for your livestock

Production Practices

At Anderson Hay Company, producing top-quality dairy hay is our top priority. We begin with clean fields, expertly harvested by the most experienced producers in the region, resulting in a premium product that is perfect for export. Our vendors and growers take great pride in their industry and operate with the highest level of knowledge and expertise in production practices for hay and straw products, ensuring that our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of Anderson Hay Company.

Consistent Supply

Commitment to Quality

At Anderson Hay, quality always comes first. Through our competitive standards and practices, we ensure farmers are getting the best product possible to meet their forage needs.

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