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Harvest Update

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Timothy and Alfalfa Harvest Seasons Ending
The next few weeks will see the end to both Alfalfa and Timothy hay harvest…
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Harvest Update – Alfalfa & Timothy
  Once again, rain has challenged the harvest last week through much of the Western…
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Harvest Update – Timothy & Alfalfa
Washington growers have begun swathing 1st cutting Timothy. The Columbia Basin Timothy harvest is slightly ahead of…
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Taking a PEAQ at Alfalfa – Using Simple Measures to Estimate Quality
Alfalfa hay harvest is now in full swing.But how does the producer know when to…
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Alfalfa and Timothy Hay Production Down According to USDA
Earlier this month the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its annual hay report.…
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Alfalfa Hay and Straw Harvests Impacted by Wet Summer
The wet and cool summer continues to cause problems for Columbia Basin Alfalfa hay growers. The…
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